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We understand that while your family is growing, so is the beautiful city of Colorado Springs. With this impressive growth comes new friends and various factors that can impact the value of your home every day. At Sahhar & Sons, we track these trends as well as forecast future values so that your home is always priced and marketed accurately and in your family’s best interest. 

When you first purchased your home, you made an investment. You chose a home that would not only be the backdrop for many milestones you experienced with your family, but also a home that would one day provide financial assistance when it is time to start your next chapter. Using our extensive experience and unique resources, we will ensure your home is prepared, priced, and marketing competitively. At Sahhar & Sons, we believe that your family deserves the best possible financial foundation in order to support your next move, and our family will strive to help your family get there. 

Why Sahhar & Sons Real Estate to Sell Your Home

Our Experience

With over 13 years of experience in real estate, we can guide your family through the selling process. We are experts in our field as licensed REALTORS® in Colorado Springs.

Our Values

Service. Family. Integrity. These are all things we value at Sahhar & Sons Real Estate. We prioritize your needs and wants above all, and have the greatest respect for your investment.

Our Dedication

It is our mission to provide superb, compassionate, and diligent service to you. When we act as a sellers agent, we commit to being the best real estate representative possible.

Our Technology

As a real estate brokerage, we carry the best tools and technology when it comes to marketing your home. From high resolution photos, to listing technology, we get your house sold.

Our Access

When you sell your home through Sahhar & Sons Real Estate, you get access to our widespread real estate network. We list your home for sale on the MLS and hundreds of real estate websites.

What is Your Home Worth?